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Airports’ WiFi

February 6, 2015


Knowing that Free Wi-Fi is the most requested travelers’ amenity, Airports strive hard to have it widely provided to travelers. Giving great opportunities for your brand to target prospects in modern and interactive ways.

Connect with your customers in front of your shop

  • Consumers are provided with Free Wi-Fi in exchange of a guaranteed, lean-forward engagement with the brand‘s message.
  • Mobile users check their phones 150 times a day, enabling you to reach them with 30-seconds of ad engagement in exchange of 30-minutes of free Wi-Fi.
  • You’re giving the ability to target any desired segment by providing targeting dimensions.

Unique formats to engage your brand with your target audience:

  • 9% Average clicks on displayed ads- Mobile users
  • 12% Average clicks on displayed ads- Laptop users
  • 30+ seconds of complete focus on your ad

Venue Focus: Airports

Reach business and leisure travelers in the world’s largest airports

  • 80+ Airports
  • 100M+ Enplanements/year
  • 33M+ ad engagements/year

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