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IMM Asia is proud to announce the addition of Grace Chan to the IMM team!

July 31, 2015


IMM Asia is the gateway to the Asian market. IMM's global presence allows for the efficiency of inflight campaigns worldwide, whether business is taking place locally or globally.

IMM Asia welcomes Grace Chan to the IMM International Team in the Hong Kong office!

About Grace: Grace was raised in Hong Kong, where she is also currently based and she attended university in Wales, UK. She has worked in both local and regional media, including TIME and Fortune magazines, with extensive media experience on print, online and mobile media as well as event sponsorship. She enjoys watching movies, exploring new restaurants (a self-proclaimed foodie!), culture, travelling and diving.

IMM works with over 150 airlines worldwide representing 90% of the market.
Digital (eTickets, homepage advertising), TV (commercials or banners), print (inflight magazines), and ambient media (lounges, on-board branding) offer great inflight advertising opportunities resulting in brand recognition.

The addition of Grace Chan will greatly reinforce the presence of IMM in Asia, where it already has offices in Beijing and Singapore.

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