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October 12, 2016


IMM international has announced the opening of its digital department that will be focusing on advertising campaigns on digital platforms. This brand new department that has started in September 2016 will be directed by Jean-Marc Chevassus.

IMM Digital allows advertisers to reach travelers at every stage of their journey on their personal device, from the beginning till the very end of their trip.

The complete journey through IMM Digital offer:

  • Before the take-off:  airline websites and newsletters, the travel agencies and documents’ digital platforms, social Medias, airport WiFi and lounges.
  • Inflight entertainment and network: sharing WiFi connection, advertising displays videos, destination guide, map integration, TV in the back seats.
  • After the flight:  to log back in with passengers, after their flight, on their favorite websites, lead and drive them to stores.

This unique offer allows any brand to launch an efficient advertising campaign during digital flight. The goal here is to reach a captive audience at a given moment with just the right device and at the right stage of their trip.

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