EasyJet In-flight Advertising

UK’s largest airline and the second largest in the world by international passengers. Started through a low-cost positioning based on marketing support to drive short-term direct response but beaten by ultralow cost carriers on headline prices and flag carriers on customer experience.
Easyjet aims at mapping and re-engineering the customer experience: air travel must be a journey.

EasyJet Key Figures:

  • 815 destinations in 32 countries through Europe and Africa
  • 86 million passengers each year
  • Fleet consists of 175 aircraft
  • Present in 132 airports
  • Strong positions in key markets: London Gatwick, London Luton, London Southend, Bristol, Edinburgh, Milan Malpensa, Naples, Venice, Nice, Basel and Geneva

Advertising media on Air China includes:

  • In-flight magazine
  • Digital Media
  • Ambient Media

About the passengers:

  • 48% are men VS 52% are women
  • 64% are married VS 36% are single
  • 41% of AB and 74% of ABC1
  • 51% are aged 25-54 years old
  • 25% of passengers are in senior management positions (CEO, Chairman, Company head, Director)

Advertising on Easyjet ensures an in-market audience throughout Europe to reach business decision makers and families traveling in a relaxed environment (leisure/holidays).

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