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The Chinese Luxury Consumer

July 28, 2015

The Chinese consumer has been evolving in the last few years and will continue to do so in the near future! According to research firm Bomoda, the Chinese luxury consumer has gone from recognizing three logos to nearly 20 in the last three years.

Bomoda, which specializes on researching Chinese consumers, has released studies indicating that Chanel is the most-purchased brand by the wealthy Chinese with 41% of those surveyed saying they’ve purchased a Chanel product in the last year, compared to 32% for Dior.

What makes Chanel so different? Chanel has “invested very seriously in advertising and retail” says Brian Buchwald, CEO of Bomoda. Chanel is gaining market share by having a strong social media presence as well as an online presence and “leveraging Chinese celebrities [and] Western celebrities who are well-known to the Chinese”.

Furthermore, the top spender for duty-free shopping in France is also the Chinese consumer with 34% of total spend, according to Global Blue. Other surprising facts about the Chinese consumer? 98% of all Chinese consumers have smartphones, they all have WeChat and they prefer brand names in Chinese, according to Bomoda.

As the Chinese consumer continues to evolve, brands must adapt and invest in different forms of advertising. What better way to reach your consumer than with Wi-Fi opportunities at different airports?

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