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Chinese outbound travel during Chinese New Year 2016

January 13, 2016


Chinese New Year holiday 2015 has marked the first time in history the number of Chinese overseas travelers is higher than that of dometic travelers. This number is expected to continue to grow in 2016.

According to Laihuihui, Chinese online travel agency, as drawing near of the end of 2015, 57.56% users are determined to plan their journeys depending on the number of holiday days. 16.89% users will travel where is mostly appreciated by the public. 25.56% young users will determine their destinations by considering costs and salaries. Survey results of show that 69.72% users will spend less than 5,000 yuan (US$784.9) on outbound travel during New Year’s Day, and only 6.77% are willing to spend over 8,000 yuan (US$1,255.9).

Compared with the average budget during New Year’s Day, Chinese young people would rather pay more for the Chinese New Year holiday: about 51% users are glad to spend over 5,000 yuan (US$784.9) and 20% to spend over 8,000 yuan (US$1,255.9) during holidays.

Chinese post-80s and post-90s account for about 31.8% of the total population. Due to different consumption habits and lifestyles from their parents, more and more young people prefer to travel during weekends or holidays. In recent years, outbound travel has become popular and the youth have contributed a lot to this market. Korea, Japan, Thailand, Australia, the USA and some European countries have become popular outbound destinations in recent years.

About 65% of the young generation enjoy traveling with friends during New Year’s Day and 21% will travel with families. However, 33% users will travel in families during Chinese New Year. 56% users are willing to spend 5 to 7 days on travel during Chinese New Year.

In the first half of 2015, the first-tier cities such as Shanghai, Beijing, had most citizens travel abroad, and second cities such as Taiyuan, Kunming and Xiamen also saw a large number of outbound travelers.

Source: China Internet Watch

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