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Delta Air Lines has one of the largest air networks worldwide. The airline primarily serves the USA, as well as South America, Africa, Asia Pacific, the Caribbean region and Europe mostly. Thanks to its joint-venture with Air France-KLM and Alitalia, Delta assures several Transatlantic routes. New York, Boston and Washington DC are permanently connected thanks to frequent daily shuttles operated by the airline.

Delta Airlines In-flight Magazine


In-flight Magazine


In-flight TV

Delta Air Lines Key Figures:

  • 323 destinations* in 57 countries around the world (*direct flights only)
  • 24,994,000 international passengers and 113,848,000 domestic passengers each year
  • Major destinations include Minneapolis, Detroit, Mexico City, Amsterdam, London, Tokyo and Shanghai
  • Main Hub: International Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Airport – USA
  • Fleet consists of 848 aircraft

Delta Airlines offers several advertising opportunities:

  • In-flight magazine (Delta Sky Magazine)
  • In-flight TV

Delta is one of the most important airlines worldwide; its in-flight media reaches a broad American audience and an increasingly global audience.

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Inflight Magazine

Delta Sky Magazine: The main title of Delta is distributed on all Delta flights, with a new issue being published each month. The magazine deals with various topics for its premium audience such as lifestyle, culture, entertainment, business and travel. With an average reading time of 33 min per passenger in a quiet environment, Delta Sky Magazine reaches a captive audience, receptive to the delivered advertising messages.

Inflight TV

With over than 550 aircraft equipped with IFE (In-Flight Entertainment System), Delta in-flight TV advertising solutions reach passengers at a point of high engagement.

In-flight TV adverts are shown during the flight in short and long form videos. Several other options are also possible.

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