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Digital Inflight Media

June 5, 2013

The Digital Inflight Media is a complementary marketing opportunity to reach, engage and interact with the audience at every touch point of their journey cycle. In this article, IMM introduces the key figures and different aspects of this support to help you better leverage this media.


  • Targeted advertisements on your requirements (Flights origins, destinations…)
  • Multiple touch points
  • High visibility and engagement
  • Solid Cost Per Thousand (CPT)

Key figures

  • 88% of travelers who live in a big city register with online check-in and print their boarding-pass at home
  • 135 million of printed boarding passes through the IMM International offer
  • 61% could recall product brand on Digital platforms
  • 53% considered purchasing a product advertised on Digital platforms
  • Passengers look at boarding pass in average 4.1 time in 13 locations
  • 64% interested in mobile boarding pass app
  • 40% considered boarding passes as “good place to catch my attention”

IMM Digital Media Advertising Opportunities

  • Online Display: advertising opportunities on major airlines’ websites
  • E-Tickets: exclusive interactive banner on the e-ticket itself
  • E-Newsletters: advertising on airlines’ monthly newsletters to subscribers and frequent flyers
  • Check-In & E-Boarding Pass: online advertising through booking confirmation email of the e-ticket, ad printed on the ticket and e-boarding pass
  • Web Spaces: various advertising formats for websites and portals on digital devices in VIP Lounges
  • Tactile tablets in VIP Lounges or onboard: Tablets at passengers’ disposal where ads are loaded
  • Smartphones apps: Mobile app to check-in and as e-boarding pass where ad banners can be display

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