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Emirates is one of today’s most successful airlines in the world and is constantly expanding its operations and reach. Emirates serves many countries throughout Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle-East, Latin America, Pacific and Indian sub-continent.

Emirates In-flight Magazine


In-flight Magazine


In-flight TV


Ambient Media

Emirates Key Figures:

  • 150 destinations in 81 countries around the world
  • 51.1 million international passengers
  • Major destinations include New York, Toronto, Kuwait, London, Buenos Aires, Bangkok, Casablanca…
  • Main Airport: Dubai International Airport (DXB) – Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • Fleet consists of 250 aircrafts

Advertising with Emirates is extremely flexible:

  • 3 x in-flight magazines (Open Skies, Dubai Voyager, Portfolio)
  • In-flight TV
  • Airport lounges (Internet access point, etc…)

With a truly international image and a brand that invokes a sense of luxury, Emirates is ideal for in-flight advertising campaigns which are global but targets high-end consumers.

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Inflight Magazine

Open Skies: The standard magazine of Emirates is distributed every month to all classes of Emirates and targets a multinational audience which has international perspectives. The quality and diversity of the editorial appeal to both genders and all ages. The target market consists of avid consumers of news, digital media, literature and magazines.

Portfolio: Portfolio is a monthly publication exclusively dedicated to Emirates’ first & business class passengers. The magazine’s editorial is created in order to target an affluent and high-end audience; the main articles and features deal with business trends and high-end living.

Dubai Voyager: This magazine is distributed in Emirates airport lounges and at Dubai International Airport. The editorial content mainly covers Dubai lifestyle, events and what to do in the city. It also includes Duty Free shopping guide pages.

Inflight TV

In-flight TV is available on all classes during Emirates international flights. The audience for onboard TV is over 1.2m per month.

Airport Lounges

There also many opportunities to take advantage of Emirates’ luxury brand image through its airport lounge advertising. These include ambient media displays such as posters, banners and TV screens; magazine display racks and an internet access points as well as many more.

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