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Exclusive Contract : IMM & Air China

June 2, 2010

IMM International is pleased to announce the signature of an exclusive contract with Cinmedia for Air China to represent Inflight magazine, Wings of China, in France, UK, Switzerland, Italy and Germany. Air China is the People's Republic of China's state-owned and second-largest commercial airline after China Southern Airlines.

It provides more than 6.000 weekly flights and offers 1 million seats. Air China operates 243 routes covering 28 countries.

The airline flew 41.28 million passengers in 2009 with a passenger load factor of 76.53%.

Over 71% of the guests who fly Air China are business and commercial passengers. By the end of 2009, the total members of the Frequent Passengers Club of Air China reached 9.07 million.

With 2.8 millions readers per month, Wings of China is listed among the 30 Top valuable periodical’s advertising circulations by the China Advertising Association.

IMM International also represents other magazines in China:

  • China Charm – Air China
  • Gateway – China Southern Airlines
  • Nihao – China Southern Airlines
  • Air Travel – 5 Chinese Airlines
  • CAAC Magazine – 9 Chinese Airlines
  • Eastern Air Connections – China Eastern Airlines
  • View – China Eastern Airlines
  • Eastern Channel – China Eastern Airlines
  • Air Macau Magazine – Air Macau
  • Shanghai Airline Magazine – Shanghai Airlines
  • Zenith – 15 Chinese & 30 International Airlines
  • New Air – Shandong Airlines
  • The Moment – Juneyao

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