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How to reach russian travellers?

January 15, 2013

The russian travel market is growing and russian passengers who travel a lot, have an increasing purchasing power. To reach the russian tourists and business passengers, select the best Inflight media planning. Two russian airlines stand out from the crowd: Aeroflot Russian Airlines and Transaero Airlines.

Key Figures

  • Aeroflot: ensures 13,003 flights per month; 8,547,153 international passengers/year and 5,493,379 domestic passengers/year i.e 14,040,532 total passengers per year
  • Transaero: ensures 4,365 flights per month; 4,304,793 international passengers/year and 1,773,181 domestic passengers/year i.e 6,077,974 total passengers per year

Wanting to target russian passengers travelling towards Europe?

  • Aeroflot: 6,045 flights per month carrying 6,666,779 passengers towards 86 European destinations
  • Transaero: 1,996 flights per month carrying 3,056,403 passengers towards 55 European destinations

Inflight media advertising possibilities of both airlines

Aeroflot Inflight Magazines

Aeroflot Magazine: Standard magazine (ROP 18,998 EUR)

aeroflot magazine

Aeroflot Premium: First & Business target (ROP 15,812 EUR)

aeroflot premium magazine

Aeroflot Style: Female target (ROP 13,216 EUR)

aeroflot style magazine

Transaero Inflight Media

Transaero: Standard magazine (ROP 420,000 RUB either ? 10,370€)

transaero magazine

Transaero Imperial: First & Business target (ROP 300,000 RUB either ? 7,406€)

transaero imperial magazine

Aeroflot & Transaero On board TV

Both airlines suggest wo equipements for Inflight TV advertising:

  • Portable Media Players(First & Business)
  • Personal Build-in Media Players

Airport posters opportunities in Russia

Airport posters advertising solutions can also be considered as Inflight media advertisement. In Russia two airports suggest this kind of Inflight media advertising:

  • Domodedovo International Airport(Moscow) with its Lightboxes, Digital Gallery and Video Walls.
  • Pulkovo Airport (St Petersburg)with its Lightboxes.

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