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How to target passengers from the best airlines in the world, mainly represented by the Middle-East in 2013 ?

November 14, 2013

The world airline awards have been released by Skytrax (18 million travelers from over 160 countries take part each year in the world's largest airline passenger satisfaction survey to decide the award winners so these awards are recognised as global benchmark of excellence).

In 2013, the airlines from the Middle-East and from Asia complete the entire top 10.

So Emirates became the world’s best airline (for different criterias such as the check-in quality,cleanness of cabins, the food quality, on board entertainment) followed by Qatar Airways while Etihad Airways was awarded for the World’s Best First Class. Unfortunately for Europe, Turkish Airlines is the only Top 10 member by reaching the 9th rank*.

*(Rest of top 10 occupied by Asian Airlines such as Singapore Airlines, All Nippon Airways, Cathay Pacific, Asiana Airlines or Qantas Airways)

Reaching Premium travelers from the Middle-East is a real opportunity as they travel many times a year for pleasure or business (*4 to 6 times/year), with a ++ buyer profile (*51% of the frequent travelers on the last 12 months bought a luxury product). A target also open to communication on board (*68% of frequent travelers last 12 months used On-board media).

*Source: EMS 2013

According to IATA, passengers from the Middle-East represent 130 million passengers in 2011 and growing up to +27.7% forecasted in 2016.

  •  To Asia: 47,425 million in 2011 and 65,255 in 2016.
  •  To Europe: 34,858 million in 2011.
  •  To the Middle-East: 27,914 million in 2011 to 38,686 M in 2016.

Advertisers can reach their target through different Medias: magazines, On Board TV and so on…

Emirates has transported 39 million passengers last year against 34 million the previous year. As a consequence, according to the Board of Directors, the fleet will increase from 169 to 200 aircrafts in 2018. Moreover to reinforce its position in France, the airline wants to increase destinations there.


  • Magazines: Open Skies, Portfolio
  • On board TV: AVOD System

Etihad Airways

  • Magazines: Etihad, Aspire
  • On board TV: AVOD System

Turkish Airlines

  • Magazines: Skylife, Skylife Business
  • On Board TV: AVOD system

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