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IMM signs partnership contract with American company Boingo for better brand visibility at airports worldwide

July 24, 2015

IMM has just signed a partnership contract with American company Boingo, one of the biggest internet and hotspot providers in the United States. This new partnership will introduce Wi-Fi sponsorship opportunities in many airports globally, not only in the United States but also in Europe and the Middle East.

Brands can now reach business and leisure travelers in the biggest airports in the world by presenting a 30-second form of advertisement before the passenger receives access to 30 minutes of free Wi-Fi. The advertisement can take the form of not only a 30-second video ad, but also a poll questionnaire, app download, e-mail collection, click-to-visit links and product showcase. This new partnership offers brands:

  • Over 80 airports with Wi-Fi hotspots
  • More than 100 million boardings per year
  • More than 33 million passengers who connect to Wi-Fi each year

Brands can select their target consumer based on location (terminal, city, country), language, daypart (day of the week, time of day), or device (iOS, tablet, Android).

With inflight campaigns under way at Dubai International Airport and others realized at New York’s main three international airports (JFK, La Guardia and Newark Liberty), this new digital media is an entertaining and interactive way to reach the affluent traveler.

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