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Inflight advertising impact on Chinese traveler

June 11, 2013

JMG-Research has conducted a survey in collaboration with IMM International to measure the impact of Inflight advertising (print, TV and digital) on the Chinese traveler.

A sample of 4,516 travelers from Beijing and Shanghai, revealed that 39% have purchased the product after seeing it inflight, 64.8% visit a duty free store to actually see the product, 47.5% purchased the product in a different location other than the duty free zone, 54.8% searched for information after seeing the product in advertising and 63.7% told relatives or friends.

This survey demonstrates the impact of “Inflight” ads. Indeed, the particular attention paid by the traveler to a brand message is due to an environment where the target has a very high level of responsiveness compared to traditional media consultation and provides a high level of memorization among consumers. For the record, it was also noted that 30% of travelers kept the magazine on arrival.

Also very interesting observation on digital, 81% of the target states they watch TV on board, 69.9% said they follow the flight map on screen and 57% recall commercials aired during the journey.

The most desired products are wines and spirits, perfumes, jewelry, watches and fashion.

It was also noted that 72% of Chinese travelers will consume luxury items and they reserve 80% of their budget for this type of expenditure according to TNS 2012.

Finally, according to IATA, 80 million Chinese traveled in 2012 and it is expected an increase of 25% in 2015, 100 million.

The Chinese traveler is a target that should not be overlooked and a buying power that can be maximized through “Inflight” advertising.

Source: JMG-Research. The study “Chinese PAX Focus” includes a quantitative aspect of the behavior of Chinese Passenger Travel Retail, in both airport and on board the aircraft, and a qualitative component expectations and consumption patterns in Travel Retail.

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