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Inflight as the perfect media for The EXPO in Milan

February 12, 2015

IMM International is a media agency specialized in the recommendation and sale of Inflight Media. IMM is the perfect media in order to reach a large comprised of travelers for the Expo in Milan!

IMM keeps its customers connected to the consumers by providing expert research data: 

  • allowing them to make informed decisions
  • allowing them to efficiently target their advertisements
  • IMM is the perfect media in order to reach a large comprised of travelers for the Expo in Milan !

The target

Because of their active lifestyle and rapid mobility, the business men, decision makers & opinion leaders with an elevated income, are hardest to reach.

The best and only mean to effectively reach this target is through Inflight media.

  • 8,5 millions air passengers per day in the world! (Iata 2014)
  • 80% of passengers are in a positive state of mind during flights
  • 85% of passengers remember at least one kind of advertisement during flights (EMS 2015)

The inflight media, a high quality media

Far from being just a simple selling of magazines, the Inflights media are now real luxury supports, executed by professional publishers where prestigious and cultural brands can advertise.

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