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IMM Newsletter – July 2010

July 13, 2010

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In May, air traffic has returned to its 2008 pre-recession level with a 11.7% increase compared to May 2009. Even though the recent volcanic disaster threatened passengers traffic, the market managed to maintain its growing path.

When broken down to geographical zones, Middle East led the recovery with 17.5 % followed by Africa with 16.9 %, Asia/Pacific with 13.2 %, and America with 10.9%. Europe still suffers the most with a mere 8.3% rise in passengers.

Airline companies glance through the crisis

In March 2010, IATA suggested the global industry would lose $2.8 billion. However, as the recovery trends accelerate, this forecast has been revided to a $2.5 billion profit. Day by day, the crisis seems to move away from its hardest time!

South Africa takes advantages of World Cup

With over one million people from all around the world visiting South Africa for the FIFA Worl Cup, the country has set a new record for the same period compared to last year (1.3 million vs 1.01 million).

African countries are the most represented with Lesotho, Zimbabwe, Mozambique followed by football fan European countries such as UK, Germany and Netherlands.

This is a great opportunity for South Africa to develop its tourism and trigger economic growth.

Alitalia’s new wings

The Italian airline company merged with trans-Atlantic venture with Air France-KLM and Delta Airlines.

This alliance will represent 26 % of the journeys trans-atlantic offering 250 flights and more than 55 000 seats available.

“The inclusion of Alitalia is an important step for the joint venture and will strengthen the position of the other joint venture partners in the very important Italian market” said KLM president Peter Hartman.

Alitalia in figures*:

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