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New partnership GOL & IMM

July 20, 2012

IMM International and GOL Linhas aéreas inteligentes are proud to announce their new partnership. IMM becomes representative of the Inflight magazine Revista GOL within the French, British, Swiss, Spaniard and Chinese markets.

The magazine is being added to its portfolio made up of 90% of the Inflight media worldwide.

Inflight magazine Revista - GOL

GOL Linhas aéreas inteligentes is the 2nd airline in Brazil and shows a 2-digit traffic growth:

  • International passengers: 2,458,409
  • Domestic passengers: 29,019,246
  • Total passengers: 31,477,655

Revista GOL is the main inflight magazine advertising opportunity to reach your target, the active Brazilian AB+.

  • The average reader is: a man at 62%, aged between 25 and 45 years old, part of the upper class, travelling mainly for business purposes.
  • Circulation: 150,000 copies per month.
  • Audience: 1.7 million readers per issue.

It is the opportunity to reach 65% of travellers with your advertising.

Its edition of quality, distributed on board of all flights of GOL and Varig, wins awards regularly:

  • 3rd place for the Best Graphic Design for a magazine in 2009
  • 2nd position in the category Illustrations and Photographs in 2010

This is the key magazine to develop your product or service in Brazil, a country which will play a major role in the worldwide economy with namely an average income per inhabitant which will treble by 2050.

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