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How to reach russian travellers?

Key Figures Aeroflot: ensures 13,003 flights per month; 8,547,153 international passengers/year and 5,493,379 domesti...

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The European Business Travellers

Compared to the average European in the top 20% of households, he is more likely to try new things, he does not mind pay...

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China Driving Growth of Global Luxury Sector

These figures have surpassed the original predictions by Bain & Company which back in May stood at 6 to 7% for a total o...

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The Middle-Eastern Travellers

Middle-Eastern travellers are wealthy and avid for luxury. When on holiday abroad their favourite past time is shopping ...

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Inflight Magazines Continue to Reach High-End Consumers

The biggest players are major national European airline publications: Lufthansa Magazine with 1.43 million monthly re...

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Russian Tourists’ Spending & Travel Habits

The latter have a patrimony of over 300 billion US dollars and 20% belong to the Muscovite population. These Russians wi...

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EVA Air’s title Verve becomes en Voyage

Thanks to its new style and its updated layout, this monthly magazine will open new horizons to you. Bilingual Chine...

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New partnership GOL & IMM

The magazine is being added to its portfolio made up of 90% of the Inflight media worldwide. GOL Linhas aéreas intel...

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Chinese Travel Abroad for Luxury Items

In 2011, 60 million Chinese tourists travelled abroad, spending more than $50bn. According to the World Tourism Organiza...

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The In-flight Media, a guaranteed tool to reach High Earners

IMM tool: Discover a new enhanced version of the IMP "Inflight Media Planning" V3.0 at your disposal to plan and create ...

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