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Private Aviation on the rise

February 12, 2013

The number of passengers travelling on private jets and business aviation (airlines catering solely to business class passengers) is increasing each year. There are now as many as 25,000 owners of private jets around the world and 60% of flights are for business purposes.

Naturally, those who are able to travel by private jet are high-end consumers with a high net-worth (annual incomes are in excess of 225k euros) which makes them a perfect audience to target for global luxury brands. They mainly tend to be male (81%) and are decision-makers within their business life.

On average, someone within this audience each year spends

  • $248,000 on jewelry
  • $226,000 on luxury automobiles
  • $157,000 on hotels and resorts
  • $29,000 on fine wines and spirits
  • 70% are owners of multiple homes in the value of $1 million +

The figures displayed above show how any companies within these sectors can benefit from Inflight advertising on private jets and in business aviation. There are a number of Inflight magazines available to advertise in to reach this affluent, lucrative consumer.

Private Jet Inflight Magazines in Europe

  • Helicopter Magazine Europe (France): Helicopters and private aviation lounges. Page =  4,590 EUR – 16,667 copies
  • Experience (UK): Bombardier. Page = 8,970 USD – 12,000 copies
  • PrivatAir (Switzerland): Sent to exclusive members.Page = 10,300 GBP – 5,000 copies
  • Ultimate Jets (France): VIP lounges + business centers. Page = 7,700 EUR – 19,167 copies
  • Altitudes Europe (Europe): VIP lounges + sent to exclusive members. Page = 6,100 EUR – 38,043 copies
  • Upward Curve (UK): VIP lounges + sent to exclusive members. Page = 9,350 EUR – 50,000 copies

Private Jet Inflight Magazines in Russia

  • MyWay: Page = 259,600 RUB – 20,000 copies
  • Perfect Flight: VIP lounges of 29 airlines and 14 private jet airlines. Page = 7,850 USD – 65,000 copies
  • Altitudes Russia: VIP lounges + sent to exclusive members. Page = 7,500 EUR – 22,575 copies

Private Jet Inflight Magazines in Middle East, Americas & Asia

  • Altitudes Arabia (UAE): VIP lounges + sent to members. Page = 7,200 USD – 21,924 copies
  • Airborne (Brazil): TAM First Class. Page = 10,500 BRL – 5,000 copies
  • Global Flying (China): Page = 160,000 CNY – 58,000 copies

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