Saudia (Saudi Arabian Airlines) In-flight Advertising

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Saudia Airlines operates both domestic and international flights, travelling to destinations in the Middle East, Asia, Europe and the USA. As a recent member of the SkyTeam Alliance, Saudia Airlines is also known under the name ‘Saudia’ and is the third most important airline in the Middle East.

Saudia Airlines In-flight Magazine


In-flight Magazine

Saudia Airlines Key Figures:

  • 82 destinations* in 36 countries around the world (*direct flights only)
  • 8,661,526 international passengers and 12,043,297 domestic passengers each year
  • Major destinations include Riyadh, Dubai, Mumbai, Cairo, Istanbul, New York and Milan
  • Main Hub: Jeddah-King Abdulaziz International Airport – Saudi Arabia
  • Fleet consists of 158 aircraft

Saudia Airlines offers one major advertising opportunity:

  • In-flight magazine (Ahlan Wasahlan)

Today the Middle East is a truly high-end market and therefore unmissable. The purchasing power of Middle Eastern consumers is constantly growing and the purchase of Western luxury brands is also increasing. Advertising on Saudia Airlines will enable you to target Middle-Eastern travelers around the world who represent a captive audience, wealthy enough to purchase luxury items and who are receptive to in-flight media.

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Inflight Magazine

Ahlan Wasahlan: The in-flight magazine from Saudia Airlines is distributed on-board all of the airline’s flights and is also sent by mail to VIP passengers. This bilingual (Arabic/English) in-flight magazine title contains articles based on cultures and traditions in Africa and the Middle East regions.

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