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Singapore Airlines’ new cabin products

October 15, 2013

In an increasingly competitive environment, retaining its leadership requires improvement in comfort for passengers and up-to-date inflight entertainment system. In 2012 Skytrax proclaimed Singapore airlines’ Business Class in 3rd place right after Emirates.

Singapore Airlines is famous for its services but has to remain on the cutting edge of technology to reinforce its leader’s positioning! Hence Singapore Airlines invested 550 million dollars in Research & Development on inflight entertainment system to equip its first 8 aircrafts.

A Boeing 777-300ER the first equipped airliner is now servicing the most important business long haul: London to Singapore.

Singapore Airline First Class is now equipped with a full flat bed known to be the most spacious and comfortable seat among First Classes.

The plane also features pay-per-use WIFI for all 3 classes as well as the new generation Panasonic entertainment system, the World’s most advanced.

In 2014, to keep up with the airline tight competition, Air France will present its new Business Class.

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