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The air market stays connected thanks to onboard Wi-Fi!

June 21, 2013

At the 50th Bourget International Air Show in Paris, the air market is presenting its latest technological advances. The first WI-FI onboard connection was first introduced in 2008. Since then, almost 20 airlines have made available onboard internet access during flight, they include Emirates, Delta Airlines, SAS, Qantas or Gulf Air...

This service is generally free of charge in First and Business classes but payable in economy classes. It allows passengers to access diverse services in addition with standard Inflight entertainment media: Live TV, weather forecast, e-magazines…as development in technology evolves over the years so will the wifi to make it easily accessible and affordable to all passengers.

IMM International as the Inflight media specialist offers the opportunity to its advertisers to reinforce the impact of their digital media campaigns thanks to technological advances like onboard connections.

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