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The development of air traffic and its Inflight target

September 18, 2013

According to IATA, in 2012, the traffic was 2,8 billion passengers worldwide. Over the next five years the organisation expects an average growth rate of 5,3% per year and the traffic is forecasted to grow to 3,6 billion in 2016 and over 6 billion passengers in 2030.

The reasons

  • a new decade of growth in the global economy of 3% per year is announced, assuming 1 point from global GDP growth equals 1.5 point increase in air traffic.
  • a growing number of international migrants from 190 million in 2000 to 240 in 2013.
  • an increase of tourism,
  • a rising global middle class is increasing from 2 to 5 billion by 2030.
  • a development of air transport in megalopolis with even larger hubs. (Indeed, megalopolis can generate traffic of more than 10,000 long-haul passengers per day and this will increase from 42 hubs today to over 90 in 2030).

When considering regional trends it comes to no surprise to see the Asia Pacific with the most significant growth, followed by Latin America and the Middle-East:

Asia-Pacific Zone

Connections Inflight Magazine

Airline: China Eastern

Magazine: Connections

Frequency Monthly
Distribution All classes
Circulation 250 000 copies
Audience/issue 5,800,000 readers
Languages English/Chinese

Latin America Zone

TAM Inflight Magazine

Airline: TAM

Magazine: TAM magazine

Frequency Monthly
Distribution All classes
Circulation 150,000 copies
Audience/issue 2,522,000 readers
Languages Portuguese/English

Middle-East Zone

Open Skies Inflight Magazine

Airline: Emirates

Magazine: Open Skies

Frequency Monthly
Distribution All classes
Circulation 100,000 copies
Audience/issue 2,600,000 readers
Languages English/Arabic

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