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United Airlines: the first class will disappear

November 8, 2016

United Airlines will deploy in December its new Business class called United Polaris on the Boeing 777-300ER. As the 767s and 777s are reconfigured, first class will be removed as the new business class seats are installed.


United Airlines just reinvented their intercontinental premium-cabin service, Polaris, which emphasizes not the destination, but the journey. Polaris is targeted at more affluent passengers who want a more luxurious option than current first-class offerings. With the emphasis on sleep and customization, concierge service extends all the way from lounge to landing. Carlos Munoz, CEO of United Airline states; «United is completely rebranding their business class product with an extraordinary level of relaxation and comfort throughout the trip.”


The first new United Polaris lounge will open at Chicago O’Hare International Airport on Dec. 1, 2016. Lounges in eight other locations – Los Angeles, San Francisco, Houston, New York/Newark, Washington Dulles, Tokyo Narita, Hong Kong and London Heathrow – will follow in 2017.

Let us recall that as business class on many international airlines has become more like the first-class offering of old, some have abandoned first class altogether while others have scaled back. Many have reduced the number of seats offered in first-class cabins – making it more spacious.

Air France has been reducing the number of first-class seats it offers and upgrading the service. It is eliminating first class from all but its Boeing 777s; Emirates Airline has announced its first Airbus A380 service in a dual-class cabin layout; American Airline’s First class is only available in the 777-300ER and sixteen 777-200ER not transformed yet; but not in the Dreamliner; Delta Air Lines has introduced all new Delta One Suites in the A350

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