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Why Air China remains one the best asian airlines in the world?

May 7, 2018

boeing Air china

With 393 Aircrafts and more than 384000 Flights each year, Air china remains one of the best Asian airlines in the world. The company reported a 2017 net profit of CNY7.2 billion, up 6.3% over net income of CNY6.8 billion in 2016 as market demand continues to grow.

Air China Media is a culture company based on aviation channels with publishing, issuance and advertising as its core businesses. Air China Media boasts the exclusive right to operate media sources of Air China and China National Aviation Group.

Among their quality passengers with high education degrees, high incomes and high positions, 60 percent are PhoenixMiles members and frequent passengers. Indeed,  the company does have a stable customer base.

China Charm: The only high-level in-flight magazine of Air China.

China Charm is Air China’s first magazine for subdivision market. It’s only available in the first class and business class of Air China’s airplanes; the private flights of Air China Business Jet; the special planes of Air China; airport VIP lounge; and the members of Air China’s platinum card and gold card.

China Charm is a sister magazine of the Wings of China. It’s features dignified and elegant style in terms of content positioning, distribution channel and customer. With the increase of Air China’s passengers and occupancy rate of first class and business class, China Charm plays the role of high-end airliner magazine and provide premium passengers with exclusive reading.

Placed on the list of 100 Top Valuable Magazines by Advertising Circulation by China Advertising Association for three continuous years (2007-2009), Wings of China (the other Air China’s magazine) have a strong readership. 8,050,000 travellers read this magazine per month.

TV on board : Sky Panorama

Sky Panorama is the main video program on Air China flights. The video devices in closed cabin provide different forms of entertainment with high audience ratings.


Looking forward, Air China expects continued market demand growth and aims to transport 109 million passengers this year.

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