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Why targeting Aeroflot passengers is an opportunity which not to be missed?

March 19, 2018

Today, Aeroflot does no longer need to prove is worth and remains the leader of Russia’s airline industry. The company entered the prestigious list of ten world’s best Travel and Tourism companies published by The Boston Consulting Group, leaving behind many other industry leaders. Also the airline has successfully passed the ground services safety audit ISAGO and obtained ISO 9001:2008 quality certification.

According to the latest IATA report, Aeroflot Russian airlines carried 29 million passengers in 2017. Overall, Aeroflot Group’s airlines carried 50 million passengers in 2017. The group continues its sustainable growth on domestic and international routes. Indeed, Russia’s Aeroflot Group carried 3.7 million passengers in January 2018 (+7.7% year-on-year). Its traffic grew 8.4% domestically and 6.9% on international routes. The booking trends seem to correlate with what appears to be a return to health in the Russian aviation sector. In addition, there was a significant increase in the load factor in January 2017 driven by the appreciation of the Russian currency.

THE key opportunity for advertisers to reach such an audience while travelling to Russia is with no doubt the Football World Cup happening in July! As our previous article explained, more than 3 million tickets have been sold since the opening of the ticketing service last December 2017.

aeroflot hostess

What is the passenger’s opinion concerning the carrier?

According to In Sites Consulting, AEROFLOT scored highly by its passengers in the categories such as “Ground services – check in” and “On-board service”. 70% of the passengers highly appraised Aeroflot’s check-in process and 57% gave the highest marks to Aeroflot’s on-board service. This high rating brought Aeroflot to the first place among the 15 SkyTeam members.

Here is a representation of the percentage of Russians who regard Aeroflot as “reliable”, “safe” and “prestigious” on:

Percentage of russians who regard aeroflot as good

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