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Benefits of In-flight Advertising

February 16, 2016


In-flight advertising is one of the best ways to advertise your brand. It creates a rare and ideal opportunity for business to communicate & engage with target customers. Here is some of the main benefits that in-flight advertising bring to your campaign.

Captive Audience 

According to U.S. Airways, on-board advertising brings in about $20 million a year. In-flight advertising is one of the best ways to advertise to people because flight passengers are a captive audience and cannot just get up and walk away. In-flight advertising has an advantage that many other media vehicles do not: a captive audience. Plus, being in the airplane is stuck and boring for many people and they are often hungry for information and surely in a receptive of mind. That is the timely moments for your ads to come.

Global Reach

With thousands of people flying every airline every day in countries around the world, In-flight media have a wide reach global of both domestic and international travelers with a penchant for spending money pre, during and post journey.

High frequency of exposure

Since most people do not own a private jet, they will probably have to fly commercial flights several times in their life so along with the automatic high reach of in-flight ads, comes a high frequency of frequent flyers.

Follow passengers’ pre, during and post journey

In-flight media does not only concern what passengers use and see on-board but also before their flight. In-flight ambient media advertising represents all the communication supports that can be used within the passenger environment, including advertising in airport lounges. This type of communication offer brands a unique opportunity to present their images in an impressive way.

Highly targeted audience

With in-flight advertising, advertisers can reach a huge number of passengers and effectively target them by geographical origin, destination, routes, and even by their preferences and purchasing habits data from your advertising representative. You can also target them by class, for example, if you want to reach customers with deep pocket and high purchasing power to promote your luxurious products, it is advisable to choose business and first class to advertise. However, in-flight entertainment is no longer all about costly systems, with limited budget, you can still advertise effectively to mass audience in low-cost carrier, which, if done well, can also bring equal benefits.

Numerous choices of formats and platforms

They also have numerous choices of formats for their campaigns: print, TV, digital and ambient adverts. Ads can be placed on in-flight magazine, passing board or displayed on TV on-board or on the touch screen of digital devices. Many airlines are event offering free wifi on flights, which is another very effective way for them to sneak in advertising. Some of the ads are highly technological touch screens while others are very basic, such as the napkin a passenger receives when they request a drink. So, advertisers can choose the format, platform suitable for their business and purposes and be creative with the campaign ideas.

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