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The Brazilian Traveler

May 26, 2015

As part of BRICS, Brazil is a booming economy and the Brazilian traveler market represents great opportunities since it's the world's 7th wealthiest economy by GDP with 2.245 trillion USD. IMM has analyzed the Brazilian traveler in order to understand its preferences, lifestyle, and travel tendencies.

Characteristics of the Brazilian traveler:

  • Brazilian outbound departures and tourist expenditure have more than doubled since 2007 reaching nearly 45 billion in Brazilian reals in 2012 and nearly 8 million outbound departures
  • The U.S. is the most popular outbound destination and number one shopping destination for the Brazilian traveler
  • Due to strong cultural links as well as historical attraction and shopping opportunities, Europe is also a key destination for Brazilians, with the top three countries being France, Spain and Portugal
  • retail shopping and restaurant dining
  • The Brazilian luxury customer is majorly women (58%) and lives mainly in Sao Paulo (53%) with an average ticket price of a luxury purchase of $2,545

How to reach the Brazilian traveler?

Many opportunities are available including airport advertising in Brazil, in Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and many other airports in the country. IMM offers Wi-Fi opportunities as well as advertising through light panels, posters, and large display cases among many others.

IMM also offers opportunities for advertising in inflight magazines, TV on board, ambient media, digital media and lounge opportunities.

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