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The European Business Travellers

December 18, 2012

The European Business Traveller is usually a man (68%), aged 35-54 y.o. (60%), married (84%) and who owns a Bachelor degree or a MBA (60%) from a reputable university. He is affluent as 56% earn 50k€ + per year as personal income.

Profile, Spending & Travel habits

Compared to the average European in the top 20% of households, he is more likely to try new things, he does not mind paying more for quality, he cares more about his image and likes to look the part.

He is a regular consumer of luxury goods and owns more than two cars, a laptop and a smartphone and is currently equipping himself with tablet.

His favourite sport is running/aerobics, outdoor pursuits, swimming/scuba diving and skiing/snowboarding. He is well cultured and enjoys activities such as cinema, gastronomic restaurants, Galleries and museums.

His n°1 hobby is traveling (73%), before music (63%) and sports (54%). He travels to all the main capital cities in Europe and abroad using Lufthansa, British Airways, Air France, Ryanair and KLM mainly.

One out of four European Business Travellers always travels in first or business classes. When at the airport, they first buy perfumes/cosmetics/skin care, then food and press comes in third position.

More than 43% spend over 6 nights at the hotel per year during their business trips.

Last but not least, they are big readers of Inflight magazines; almost 1 million read Lufthansa magazine each month (935,000), 747,000 read Business Life or High Life, 602,000 read Air France magazine, 537,000 read Easyjet Traveller.

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