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IMM International Launches The First In-Flight Ad Server

June 12, 2017

IMM Digital, a subsidiary of IMM International, is thrilled to announce the launch of its exclusive on board Ad server: AirSAS. The AirSAS technology paired with WiFi boxes, portable wireless IFE solutions, is now available on board of selected aircraft fleets.

Coca-Cola and Le Moulin rouge are the very first advertisers to use AirSAS in order to reach their audience.

Thanks to its new technology and own Ad Server, IMM International allows advertisers to communicate on classic websites and mobile apps in airplane cabin on passenger’s personal devices while targeting the passengers’ nationality, age, gender and routes. By doing so, advertisers are able to reach the right audience at a receptive moment as airplane cabins provide a captive environment. They can also run duty free product campaigns with a pre-ordering and payment process during the flight.

AirSAS Ad Server also provides real-time statistic with volumes of impressions and CTR, updated at every plane take-off and landing.

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