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Media Global Passenger Study Reveals The Habit Of International Affluent Travelers

June 21, 2017

Media Global Passenger study is a new and effective study that focuses on the media habits of the world’s most frequent and affluent travelers. According to Matthew Petrie, president of BDRC Americas: “Media GPS is the only study that connects respondents’ media consumption with the details of the flight booking, allowing a unique depth of analysis by route, airline, and class travel”.


Having studying nearly 10 million passengers worldwide, here are the key findings:

  • In the past year, the average business traveler took over 6 trips with an average stay of 18 hotel nights.
  • The average leisure traveler took over 3 trips, staying an average of over 13 nights at hotels. Over a third has spent over US$2,000 per person for leisure trips in the past year.
  • The frequent travelers’ average annual household income is over US$100,000

Why are they traveling

  • 47% are flying for business reasons. They work for international companies. That implies travelling different places for important meetings.

What are they looking for when flying?

  • 4 out of 10 are looking forward to taste new food and drink.
  • 27% are thinking of buying gifts and holidays for their business partners or the family members.

As you can see, advertisers looking to position their brands can reach these affluent travelers as their consumption of international media is very high.


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