Air China Inflight Magazines Advertising

The national carrier for the world’s second largest economy, Air China is becoming an integral part of any inflight advertising campaign. With the main hub based at Beijing International Airport(predicted to be the world’s largest airport), it is a member of the Star Alliance groupof airlines and flies to 193 destinations globally. It provides passengers with two Inflight magazines – “Wings of China” and “China Charm”.

Wings of China

The Wings of China is the primary inflight magazine on Air China and is available to passengers travelling in all classes. It is a leisure magazine flying around the world with rich content, it brings easiness, fashion, and humanistic care to audiences.

  • Language: Chinese & English
  • Frequency: Monthly (1stday of each month)
  • Readership: Estimate 6.9 million passengers/month
  • Distribution: All classes
  • Airlines Covered: 262 domestic lines, 14 regional lines, 10 international lines
  • Flights Covered: 8100 airlines/week

China Charm

High-end Chinese consumers are one of the world’s biggest spending groups in terms of luxury goods and brands. The China Charm inflight magazine is a perfect way to target this market specifically, as it is distributed on all domestic and international flights, only to First and Business class passengers, the VIP lounge of each base airport. Uncharacteristically for an inflight magazine targeted at First and Business classes, it is published monthly (adding greater flexibility for advertisers).

China Charm is a high ended charming magazine with rich content regarding traditional Chineseculture, archeology,collections and the soul of human civilization. Chinese Charm comprises ten columns, including Charm Edition, Charm Family, Charm Collection, Charm Trace, Charm Bourn, and Charm Art.To read through the words, China Charm is welled-received by readers.

  • Language: Chinese & English
  • Publication Period: Monthly (1stday of each month)
  • Readership: Estimate1.1 million passengers/month
  • Circulation: 80,000
  • Distribution: First and Business Class & VIP lounge
  • Airlines Covered: 262 domestic lines, 14 regional lines, 102 international lines
  • Flights Covered: 8100 airlines/week