Emirates Inflight Magazines Advertising

Emirates’ inflight magazine advertising allows brands to be associated with one of the most respected and best quality airlines in the world. With the main hub located at Dubai International Airport, the majority of the airline’s routes are international. Emirates fly to 156 destinations worldwide and carry 56m passengersannually. They provide three inflight magazines to passengers: Open Skies, Portfolio and Emirates Woman.

Open Skies

Open Skies is Emirates multi-award winning inflight magazine published in English, twice voted the world’s best by readers of Executive Travel reflecting the premium and cosmopolitan customer profile of the airline. A contemporary based travel magazine written by the world’s leading travel writers and including world class photography focuses on people and stories as much as destinations. Open Skies evokes the romance of air travel and represents a lifestyle that its readers can aspire to,featuring in-depth profiles of public figures and a cross section of articles featuring travel, technology, health and business.Radically redesigned for 2017, Open Skies is built around high-quality, contemporary photography, clean, minimal design and a soft, warm color palette.

There is also an Open Skies Arabic edition (16,000 copies).

  • Frequency: Monthly
  • Readership: 4.65 million passengers/month
  • Distribution: Available un the seat pocket of Economic, Business and First Class
  • Circulation: 142,000 copies


Portfolio is the official monthly inflight magazine for Emirates Airlines First & Business Class passengers. Portfolio covers all aspects of contemporary business and commerce and features influential leaders. In a fast-moving world, information and knowledge are essential commodities. In-deptharticles in Portfolio keep on top of international affairs (business leaders and trends)– and cover a wide range of topics, from property and investment opportunities through to politics, art, media, motoring science, technologyand growth markets.

Advertise on Portfolio allows you to reach a captive audience composed of decision makers, affluent passengers and early adopters.

  • Frequency: Monthly
  • Readership: 1.000.000 first & business class passengers/month
  • Circulation: 34.932 copies/ month

Emirates Woman

Stylish, Smart & Sophisticated. Emirates Woman delivers luxury fashion, on-trend beauty, luxe, lifestyle, travel reports, as well as in-depth features looking at both global and local issues. Committed to representing the many faces and nationalities of women in this region and celebrating the home-grown talents of its readers. It pushes boundaries and leads the field with its international and local editorial content, bringing its readers innovative, inspiring and quality coverage.

  • Frequency: Monthly
  • Circulation: 25.000 copies/ month
  • Distribution: Retail Outlets, Hotels, Commercial, Sponsored Copies, Subscriptions, Airlines in different countries such as United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait.