Delta Airlines In-flight Advertising

Delta Airlines has one of the largest air networks worldwide. The airline primarily serves the USA, as well as South America, Africa, Asia Pacific, the Caribbean region and Europe mostly. Thanks to its joint-venture with Air France-KLM and Alitalia, Delta assures several Transatlantic routes. New York, Boston and Washington DC are permanently connected thanks to frequent daily shuttles operated by the airline.

Delta Airlines Key Figures:

  • 335 destinations in 62 countries around the world
  • 180 million passengers per year
  • Fleet consists of 887 aircrafts
  • SkyTeam Alliance

Advertising media on Delta Airlines includes:

  • 1 x in-flight magazine
  • In-flight TV
  • Digital Media
  • Ambient Media

About the passengers:

  • 51% male VS 49% female
  • Media age: 46 years old
  • Average household income: $131,208

Delta is one of the most important airlines worldwide; its in-flight media reaches a broad American audience and an increasingly global audience.

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