Emirates In-flight Advertising

The worlds’ largest airline in terms of international traffic is also one of the most successful and fastest-growing international carriers. Emirates was established in 1985 as the flag carrier of the city state Emirate of Dubai, part of the United Aran Emirates. Emirates serves many countries throughout Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle-East, Latin America, Pacific and Indian sub-continent.

Emirates Key Figures:

  • 156 destinations in 83 countriesaround the world
  • 56 million passengers per year
  • 14,000 flights on average each month
  • Fleet consists of 266 aircrafts

Advertising media on Aeroflot includes:

  • 4 x in-flight magazines
  • In-flight TV
  • Digital Media
  • Ambient Media

About the passengers:

  • 58% male VS 42% female
  • 56% are 35-54 years old
  • 7% are first class passengers, 25% are business class passengers and 68% are economy class passengers

With a truly international image associated with sporting celebrities as well as teams, and a brand that invokes a sense of luxury,Emirates is one of the leading sponsors for major events globally oris ideal for in-flight advertising campaigns which are global but targets high-end consumers.

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