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A new In-flight market place

October 1, 2018

IMD market place

A new market place is born! IMD (Inflight Media Digital), a subsidiary of Inflight Media Marketing International (IMM) has launched AirPMP at the last APEX exhibition held in Boston in September 2018. This is the second strategic Inflight digital solution launched from IMD this year.

Key digital In-flight solutions

As a reminder, while AirSAS, its well-known in-flight ad-serving solution, places ads based on age, gender, passenger nationality or airline route, AirPMP matches airline offers and advertiser demands. IMD and IMM strategic target are clear: optimize the buying and selling of ad space.

Moreover and good to know: real-time statistics on total impressions and click-through rate are updated at every aircraft takeoff and landing.

IMM IMD Article on AirSAS

Strong positioning and presence worldwide

For this big launch, IMM and its digital subsidiary IMD have chosen a key venue: the APEX show held in Boston last week. They will also be attending the TFWA exhibition 2018 this week: a good way to address airlines and the travel retail Industry alike about their powerful solutions already serving many airlines and advertisers among which: Coca-Cola, HP, LG electronics…

At this occasion, Jean-Marc Chevassus, CEO of In-flight Media Digital said: “We provide the ability to target, monitor and report ad campaigns without consuming any bandwidth. This is our positioning: to ad serve the right campaign at the right moment to the right passengers with the right message.”

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