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IMD is ready for TFWA 2018!

May 31, 2018

Even for large companies with substantial resources, integrating digital technology into a sales and marketing strategy focused on international travellers can present a challenge. To many smaller and medium-sized businesses in duty free and travel retail, that challenge seems even more daunting.

The good news is that help is at hand from the next TFWA Digital Village (2-5 October 2018 in Cannes). TFWA is the world’s biggest duty free and travel retail association, organising high-quality exhibitions and acclaimed conferences for an industry with worldwide sales of over $60 billion.

In response to the fast-evolving commercial landscape, TFWA Digital Village is a showcase for creative digital solutions and services appealing to the 12,000 duty free and travel retail professionals who regularly attend TFWA World Exhibition & Conference. There, exhibitors specialised in digital applications, services and hardware for the travel retail market will demonstrate how to engage more effectively with today’s international traveller.

IMD, the digital business of IMM International Group, gives brands access to airline websites, wifi portals, e-tickets and boarding passes, allowing them to communicate with travellers throughout their journey. With passengers increasingly dependent on smartphones for information and entertainment, IMD helps its clients reach “very precise target audiences at scale on a unique ad platform”, according to Jean-Marc Chevassus.
IMM build “engagement programs” that allow your product to connect emotionally with traveling c Most passengers typically spend 90 minutes (post security) waiting for their flight, making them the perfect receptive audience. Unexpected and welcomed, guests will delight in the brand that puts something pleasant between them and their busy day. Airports are a unique venue where little things and paying attentions can mean a lot. Brands can leverage the value of a positive lasting impression.

• 69% of travelers have already used an electronic boarding pass
• 50% of passengers spend 15mn+ to chat or send instant messages per day
• 75% of passengers use a website to book their flight
• 91% of passengers who use self-service tech to check-in will do so again
• 94% of passengers carry their own electronic devices on board!
• Reach the right audience at the right time for a perfect match!

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