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October 29, 2018

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Staying connected in the air is a key part of traveling, one of the strong statement from Vice president of Traveloka to point why you choose the airlines. Neither reputation nor expensive seats shows the best airlines to be a part of traveller's journey. Some comparisons of the world's top airlines by Traveloka; Southeast Asia Travel booking platforms in terms of Wi-fi, Connectivity, Power outlet and Inflight Entertainment might drive you why passengers choose more tech-friendly airlines these days.

Qatar Airlines has responded to consumer’s demand. Indeed the airlines has installed on board earlier this year new “Super Wi-fi”, six times better than the average speed, leading Qatar Airways to the first place in the ranking of the world’s tech-friendly long-haul airlines.

Following Delta Airlines, with their efficiency of connectivity to mobile messaging via WhatsApp, iMessage and Facebook all day to the passengers.

New York based low-cost JetBlue Airways has recently released broadcast TV channels for all flights over 2 hours and offering on domestic US routes web access via its Fly-Fi system.

The inflight entertainment and connectivity have boon one of the strongest reasons why passengers chooses the airlines. Some budget-friendly airlines are on-their-way to guarantee the connectivity of the passengers ans thus attract more passengers in the future. “Office in the sky” captivates how passengers choose the airlines to fly with.

Like Traveloka, IMM, the inflight advertising communications specialist, allows advertisers to target passengers during their connected flight.

Thus, the air passenger can enjoy a fluid connectivity in its mobile communication even when being at 30,000 feet from the pround!



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