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Digital Revolution in Inflight Advertising

January 24, 2013

Inflight advertising has traditionally been focused on advertising in inflight magazines. Although this is of course still a very good medium to use for targeting the frequent flyer/business traveler market, airlines have developed many new and innovative ways to advertise digitally.

For today’s digital-savvy media planners and marketers, this means that they can align their inflight advertising campaigns easily with a broader digital marketing campaign. Digital inflight advertising also gives marketers more flexibility, measurability and can be more cost-effective for the right campaign.

Airport Lounges

Airport lounges offer frequent flyers and business travelers an escape from the hustle and bustle of the airport terminal and importantly gives them access to free Wi-Fi. Some airlines such as China Southern even give their passengers access to use a complementary iPad to help them enjoy their time before boarding as much as possible. There are a number of digital advertising opportunities for advertising on the portals which passengers will first see when they log on to the Wi-Fi in the airport lounge, as well as on plasma screens dotted around the airport lounge itself.

Airlines’ Websites and E-Newsletters

The websites of airlines also have many advertising opportunities such as banners which will be available in a number of different sizes and formats, and of course varying prices. Frequent flyer programs are offered by all airlines and behind every good frequent flyer program will be a good CRM system. This is what helps to send triggered, transactional and scheduled emails (eg, e-newsletters). When advertising in e-newsletters, there will typically be a certain number of people each email is sent to; this is a very good way to target the real upper-end frequent flyer consumers.

E-Boarding Passes

More and more passengers are choosing to use e-boarding passes than ever before which opens up another innovative opportunity for advertisers. Commonly e-boarding passes are used on smartphones and are sent by email or SMS. Particularly via email, adverts will commonly be displayed at the bottom of the boarding pass. There are also advertising opportunities to be taken advantage of on traditional paper boarding passes.
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