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Why reaching Air France long-haul passengers on board?

January 25, 2018

Air France TV

Today, it is very difficult for brands to emerge in traditional media. Indeed, we are exposed from 500 to 2000 commercials per day! Advertising pressure is indeed an issue! But there are key solutions. Air France has adapted its offer accordingly, thanks to the precise targeting of its TVs on board.

First of all, Air France long-haul audience is very powerful. The airline has more than 5,200 long-haul flights per month with 1.3 million passengers. The profile of an Air France passenger is mostly active with key responsibilities within the company he or she works for.

Air France long haul audience is highly captive because long-haul flight is an enjoyable parenthesis to relax and let its mind escape with on average 9 hours of flight time. And this is indeed a good way to avoid other sources of distractions on board except watching AF TV programs!!!

The passengers represent an available target this is for sure. They have access to more  who than 600 hours of TV programs via 40,000 individual VOD screens.

To seduce them, Air France has made the choice to offer exclusive communication channel supports.

  • A premium package cinema with 85 movies on demand.
    Advertising opportunities: Exclusive spot of 20” to 45” before the beginning of the 5 “Latest major movie releases”
  • An advertorial package with TV Magazines and 5 feature issues: Sport, Nature, Culture & discovery, Travel and lifestyle.
    Advertising opportunities: Exclusive sport of 20” to 45” before the beginning of 8 TV series)
  • A series package with 16 TV shows.
    Advertising opportunities: An advertorial in direct access of 26 minutes max within one out of 5 issues

But the most important thing to retain is the exposure rate of these packages which is incredibly high: Indeed, 94% of the passengers are exposed at least once to these programs! (Source : AF 2012 / * Rémanence – Harris Interactive)


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