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The In-flight Media, a guaranteed tool to reach High Earners

February 9, 2011

IMM enables advertisers to advertise in inflight magazines (over 240 titles) with 150 airlines worldwide and 26 million monthly copies to reach over 144 million of AB+ Readers. Available in its portfolio over 30 titles distributed in First and Business classes specifically designed to target AB++ Readers.

IMM tool: Discover a new enhanced version of the IMP “Inflight Media Planning” V3.0 at your disposal to plan and create your successful media plans in a few mouse clicks.

The new Inflight Media: TV, Digital & Ambient, targeted and tactical media

80 Airlines have on board TV advertising opportunities: broken into Spots of 20 sec to 2 minutes, Channel sponsorship and Editorial. 3/4 of long-haul passengers spend 80 minutes in average to watch on board programmes during their flights.

420 VIP Lounges allow effective communication through distribution of ambient media such as brochures, digital screens, displays or videos. The average time spent in the lounge per passenger is around 52 minutes.

Other on board opportunities such as Refreshing towels or Meal Trays cards are available.

IMM International also offers many digital inflight advertising opportunities:

  • Web Spaces: various advertising formats for Web and Interactive on PC in VIP Lounges.
  • The e-Tickets: exclusive Interactive Banner on the Electronic ticket of the flight.
  • Check-in & e-boarding: online advertising through booking confirmation email of the e-ticket, ad printed on the ticket and boarding card.
  • The e-newsletter: advertising on the e-news sent by airlines to its subscribers each month.
  • The Web sites: advertising opportunities on major airlines web sites.

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