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The Middle-Eastern Travellers

November 9, 2012

Experts predict the Middle-East GDP to grow + 4.3% vs +3.6% worldwide GDP in 2013. About 30 million ME tourists arrive each year in Europe, Switzerland is the first most popular destination and France follows with 10 overnight stays on average.

What is the profile of these passengers and consumers?

Middle-Eastern travellers are wealthy and avid for luxury. When on holiday abroad their favourite past time is shopping and dining out in restaurants and our research shows that they can usually spend up to 20,000 euros a day. This is a clientele who lives in excess and appreciate exceptional items and services.

When they come to France, they fly to Paris and to the French Riviera mainly during summer. The Middle-Eastern tourists are real shopping addicts and account for 30% of the foreign clientele of department stores while visiting France.

Airline media is an excellent way for advertisers to show their products or services to these elite through their journey. There is a plethora of airlines available to reach this special target en route to France, Air France, Emirates, Middle East Airlines and Qatar Airways are the best airlines.

From Inflight magazines to TV on board with AVOD, VIP lounges, special operations and digital solutions, media opportunities are rich.

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